Amanda Baramki

Comedian & Writer

I co-wrote and co-star in Same But Different - a web series that follows two New York City comedians navigating their friendship, dating and the stand-up comedy scene.

In an industry stacked against them, two female comedians make their way through a sea of dicks. Amanda and Bez are unlikely best friends in the cutthroat NYC standup scene. Amanda is uptight and Bez is a free spirit, but their differences make their friendship stronger. Together, they face the harsh reality of the industry, fend off haters, and deal with subtle and not so subtle sexism at every turn. Whether they're crafting jokes about their personal lives, asking each other for advice, or eating through the pain, they don't always get shit right but they always do it together.

Episode 1: True Story

Episode 2: Wanna Eat?

Episode 3: Story Time

Episode 4: Dance Party

Episode 5: Last Night

Episode 6: Success

Holiday Special